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CHEM Trust Europe Management Board

Ninja Reineke – Chair

Dr Ninja Reineke has been working with CHEM Trust since January 2013 and is based in Hamburg, Germany. Her main work areas are the improvement of EU regulation on harmful chemicals, in particular Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. Previously, from 2003 to 2012, she had worked for the environmental organisation WWF, first at WWF Germany and then in WWF`s European Policy Office in Brussels. In addition to her CHEM Trust work she also provides technical expertise and support for other non-profit organisations, institutes and foundations. Ninja holds a degree in chemistry and a PhD on marine pollutants.

Michael Warhurst – Vice Chair

Dr Michael Warhurst has been Executive Director of CHEM Trust since July 2014. He previously worked on waste & resource use at Friends of the Earth from 2005-June 2014, including heading up Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and Consumption programme for over 5 years. Prior to this he worked on chemicals policy at WWF European Policy Office for 3 years and at Friends of the Earth for 5 years, focussing on advocating for reform of EU chemicals policy and working on the initial stages of REACH. He is a PhD Biochemist, with an MSc in Environmental Chemistry and a degree in Biochemistry.

Antonia Reihlen – Treasurer

Antonia Reihlen works as free-lance consultant in the field of chemicals policy and chemical safety and is based in Hamburg, Germany. Her main work areas are the REACH regulation, safe use of chemicals regarding the environment, workers and consumers as well as nanomaterial. Prior to and between phases of being self-employed, Antonia worked at the consulting firm Oekopol GmbH (1999 – 2007 and 2015 – 2017). Antonia has a masters degree in biology.