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CHEM Trust joins with >100 US and EU NGOs asking for chemicals to be removed from TTIP

The European Union (EU) and US are currently negotiating a new trade deal – the  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,  or TTIP for short. CHEM Trust – and many others – are worried that this deal could weaken controls on chemicals, particularly within Europe.

We’ve got together with over 100 NGOs from Europe and the US to send a letter to the US Trade Representative Michael Froman and EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht, asking for them to exclude the chemical sector from the TTIP negotiations.

In CHEM Trust’s view proposals for enhanced regulatory cooperation would threaten to chill or even freeze forward-looking chemical regulations and their implementation. The presence of toxic chemicals in our food, our homes, our workplaces, and our bodies is a threat to present and future generations, with staggering costs for society and individuals. Chemical industry-driven proposals for TTIP would neither reduce these costs nor increase the efficiency or effectiveness of regulators on either side of the Atlantic.

For more information on chemicals & TTIP, see our joint briefing with HEAL.