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Chemicals in consumer products ‘can cause male infertility’

“Chemicals in everyday products including toothpaste, soap and sunscreen could be damaging men’s fertility, researchers warn.

For the first time, a study has directly linked common household chemicals with damage to human sperm.

The scientists said that the ‘ubiquitous’ chemicals may be contributing to widespread fertility problems in the Western world.”

Full article:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2625963/Chemicals-toothpaste-soap-childrens-plastic-toys-cause-male-infertility.html – Daily Mail, 12.5.2014, Fiona Macrae

Elizabeth Salter Green, director of chemical watchdog CHEM Trust, called for tougher regulations on these chemicals, adding: ‘The great worry is the ability of these chemicals to undermine fertilisation occurs at levels to which most men are regularly exposed.’