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Chemicals in food packaging pose long-term threat to health

‘In a startling admission, scientists say a range of chemicals are leaching from containers into food and drink. 

Although it is in tiny amounts, over a lifetime it can lead to “chronic” exposure. 

The researchers said: “Whereas the science for some of these substances is being debated, consumers remain exposed to these chemicals daily, mostly unknowingly.”’

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http://www.express.co.uk/news/health/460754/Toxic-chemicals-found-in-food-packaging-pose-a-long-term-health-risk – Daily Express, 20.2.2014, Jo Willey

Gwynne Lyons, of pressure group CHEM Trust, said: “No doubt many with industry connections would rather not see this research in print.

“But surely it is time for better testing so that we can eliminate those substances that can derail our hormone systems and which are suggested to play a role in many diseases?”

She added: “Eating habits have changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. Shelves are full of drinks and ready meals which are packed and microwaved in plastics. We need to be sure they are safe.”