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Campaigning against fracking

Here are some tips for campaigning on fracking locally

To learn more about chemical chemical pollution from fracking, see our briefing and report.

Finding out what chemicals are being used

To find out what chemicals are, or may be, used in fracking, write to the company concerned, asking for a full list of the chemicals that they are planning to use in fracking. Specify that you want the proper chemical names for individual chemical substances, not trade names for fracking fluids or individual chemicals or vague statements.

The CHEM Trust fracking report gives information on some chemicals relevant to fracking, or you can use the European Trade Union Institute’s Risctox database

Getting help for your campaign

If you are concerned about fracking in your local area you should be looking at the full range of concerns created by fracking, not just chemical pollution.

A number of campaign groups are involved in supporting local campaigns against fracking, for example:

Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland):

Friends of the Earth Scotland:

Friends of the Earth Europe:

Frack off (UK):

Other sources of information on fracking