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About CHEM Trust

CHEM Trust is a collaboration between CHEM Trust, a UK registered Charity and CHEM Trust Europe eV, which is a charity based in Germany. Both legal entities work closely together on projects under the name CHEM Trust.

Our overarching aim is to prevent man-made chemicals from causing long term damage to wildlife or humans, by ensuring that chemicals which cause such harm are substituted with safer alternatives.aboutus

Our work

We are an accredited stakeholder at the European Chemicals Agency and an active member of the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum; we are also a member of the EDC Free Europe coalition, the European Environment Bureau and the International POPS Elimination Network.
We are registered in the EU Transparency Register as Chemicals, Health and Environment Monitoring Trust (our full legal name), with the ID number 27053044762-72.

You can meet the CHEM Trust team here.

CHEM Trust is very grateful to all its funders past and present who fund or have funded the charity’s core work and projects. You can read more about our funders here.

For more about our work, have a look at our latest newsletter!