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Hormone disrupting chemicals: New FAQ & a chance to tell the EU to act! (updated)

Today we are launching a new list of  frequently asked questions (FAQ) about hormone disrupting chemicals (or endocrine disrupting chemicals – EDCs – to use the more technical term).

The full list of questions & answers is here, examples include What are EDCs?Is Hormone Disruption a new issue?What sort of chemicals are Hormone Disrupters, what are they used for?

In addition, the EDC free coalition, including CHEM Trust, has today launched  an easy action so anyone can ask the European Commission to remove hormone disrupters from our lives, using the current consultation on criteria to define hormone disrupters (this consultation closes on 16th January 2015).

Update on 10th December

The Endocrine Society and the International Pops Elimination Network have released a new “Introduction to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals” guide for policy makers and public interest organisations. This guide goes into depth about the science of the endocrine system & how endocrine disrupting chemicals affect this system & it complements the CHEM Trust FAQ nicely.
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