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More on EFSA Draft Opinion on BPA

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www.eufoodpolicy.com – EU Food Policy, 17.1.2014, Kate Trollope

Gwynne Lyons, director of CHEM Trust said: “Whilst we are glad that the EFSA panel now suggests lowering the TDI by tenfold, CHEM Trust is still concerned that the public may not be adequately protected as the uncertainty calls into question whether a safe threshold can be identified at all.”

She said the panel review “now finally accepts that BPA exposure is likely to cause effects on the mammary gland but there are still too many uncertainties”. Effects on metabolism were not used in the final risk assessment and cumulative effects from exposure to other endocrine disruptors (EDCs) were not considered, she said. She argued that EFSA should heed other independent scientists who consider the EDCs should be treated as non-threshold substances.