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Mothers who swim during pregnancy increase their child’s risk of eczema and asthma, scientists warn

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2408374/Mothers-swim-pregnancy-increase-childs-risk-eczema-asthma-scientists-warn.html – By Nick Mcdermott,  1.9.13, Mail on Sunday

Elizabeth Salter Green, director of CHEM Trust, which campaigns against the overuse of manmade chemicals, said: ‘It is well known that the foetus developing in-utero is extremely vulnerable to chemical exposures.

‘Simply put, in-utero growth, including neurological wiring of the brain and the development of the immune system, rely on chemical messengers – hormones – being at the right level at the right moment of development.

‘Therefore the theory that our increasing exposure to worrying chemicals is [affecting] those natural chemical messengers, leading to alteration of immune response and development of atopic allergies, via cleaning products, personal care products and volatile chlorinated chemicals in swimming pools, is highly plausible.’