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Policy Statements 2007-2010


The concerns about Bisphenol A (BPA) and recommendations for action. Dec 2010.

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CHEM Trust and WWF-EPO Discussion Paper re EDC Classification 2010 – contains initial thoughts on a possible classification system for endocrine disrupting chemicals. It outlines the need to protect future generations by controlling both industrial chemicals and pesticides with hormone disrupting properties.

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Chemical Cocktails – Harmful mixtures upset our hormonesJuly 2010.

Scientists believe that increasing rates of cancer, diabetes and infertility could be reduced by removing certain hormone disrupting chemicals from products that we use in our daily lives. But to date political action has been half-hearted. This leaflet shows that there are opportunities to protect human and wildlife health by better implementation of chemicals legislation, they just need to be grasped. It also contains tips how to reduce individual exposures.

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CHEM Trust’s response to the UK Government’s consultation on the implementation of EU pesticides legislation.

April 2010

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Letter to the Environment Committee of the European Parliament re the vote on the Commission Communication on Cancer; requesting the recognition of the role of environmental and occupational factors in cancer and cancer prevention.

March 2010

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Letter to Environment and Industry Commissioners, concerning poor implementation of REACH, prior to their joint trip to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), Helsink.

March 2010

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CHEM Trust briefing – Why Mollusc Toxicity Tests for Endocrine Disruptors and Other Chemicals Are Needed.

November 2009

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CHEM Trust response to ECHA consultation on the draft recommendation for inclusion of phthalates in authorisation, April 2009 – outlining the necessity for cumulative risk assessment for phthalates with additive effects.

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CHEM Trust, WWF and HEAL briefing: Invisible burden, Good reasons to get rid of PBT chemicals, January 2009

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CHEM Trust’s response to the UK Health Protection Agency’s consultation on “A Children’s Environment and Health Strategy for the United Kingdom.”

28 May 2008

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Letter to Minister of State Environment, DEFRA – Candidate list of chemicals under the EU chemicals regulation (REACH).

29 May 2008

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Letter to Bundesministerium fur Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit.

30 April 2008

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Drs Briefing – What will new EU chemicals legislation deliver for public health?  November 2007

This briefing explains how new chemicals legislation could be implemented to deliver better human health protection

The regulation of chemicals is not achieving a very high level of health protection. Statistics linking ill health to workplace exposure make this abundantly clear, with thousands of people affected. It is estimated that 27,000 people suffer from work related skin disease in Britain annually, and 156,000 people report occupation related breathing or lung problems. Other work related illness include at least 1,500 -2,500 asthma cases per year, and an estimated 6,000 cancer deaths.

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