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Professor Louis Guillette

Professor Louis Guillette, one of the first scientists to study hormone disruption in wildlife, sadly died on 6th August 2015.  His death is a great loss to many, including those of us working to get endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) phased out.

His work was pivotal in showing the effects that EDC chemicals could wreak in wildlife, particularly focussing on alligators.

CHEM Trust Policy Director Gwynne Lyons, said:

“Lou was a real American hero, a master of alligators and ecotoxicologist par excellence.

To have known Lou was a privilege. His generosity of spirit was evident from the first time I met him over twenty years ago at the US EPA Endocrine Disruptor Research Needs workshop. His enthusiasm, kindness, sense of fun and perceptiveness shone through.”

To read more about Professor Louis Guillette, see this appreciation in The Gainesville Sun.

An interview from 1997 explains how he got involved in investigating the impacts of chemicals on alligators.