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Scientists reach consensus on EDC thresholds

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http://chemicalwatch.com/17307/scientists-reach-consensus-on-edc-thresholds – Chemical Watch, 19.11.2013, Emma Chynoweth

…Commenting on the conclusions, Gwynne Lyons, director of the NGO CHEM Trust says, “This clearly shows that the Dietrich et al scientists, many of whom have industry connections, have been peddling bogus science. We hope that the Commission will now be able to see through any further industry-based misinformation.” She calls on the Commission to ensure that the EDC criteria reflect that such substances may not have thresholds and should not, therefore, include a potency cut off.  “This agreement also highlights that the REACH review should conclude that EDCs must be treated as non-threshold substances,” she states. 

Ms Lyons adds that Dekant and colleagues have had to back down on their stated position that “the weight of scientific evidence…clearly demonstrates the presence of a threshold for non-genotoxic compounds including EDCs” as, she says, this position has now been shown to be scientifically erroneous.