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New research, published today, finds that there is a link between the exposure of pregnant women to the phthalate DEHP and the development of their baby boys. As the press release for the research states: “Our findings show that even at low levels, environmental exposure to these ubiquitous chemicals can adversely affect male genital development, which [...]

Talks and comment pieces

2019 Presentation on “Global Regulatory Trends: Progress being made, but major challenges remain” by Michael Warhurst at the Chemical Watch “Regulatory Summit Europe” on 14th October 2019. Webinar on persistent chemical pollutants for Wildlife and Countryside Link, September 2019 A webinar “Invisible threats from persistent chemical pollutants and what we can do about it” by [...]

The EU’s REACH system for regulating chemicals was supposed to bring with it a significant improvement in protection of people and the environment from toxic chemicals. But is it delivering? The latest developments in the debate over alternatives to the phthalate DEHP, used in PVC products, suggest that there are some serious problems. One particular [...]

New research has found that the children of women exposed to higher levels of certain phthalate chemicals when pregnant have lower IQ at seven years old. The research, published in the journal PLOS One, looked at the levels of phthalates (a commonly used group of chemicals) in the urine of 328 mothers late in their [...]

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in a wide range of products – this introduction from a 2013 scientific paper is a good summary: “Phthalates are a group of ubiquitous chemicals present in many consumer products, including building materials, furnishings, clothing, paints, food packaging, toys, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Many of them are [...]

Last Tuesday I spoke at a Chemical Watch conference in Brussels as part of a day of presentations and discussion about enforcement of EU chemical laws like REACH. As I emphasised in my presentation, REACH is supposed to provide a high level of protection for human health and the environment. This won’t happen if companies can dodge [...]

Chemical analysis has found that some loom bands & charms have very high levels of phthalates in them – well over 50% in the case of some charms. As the analysts themselves say: “ The latest loom bands craze in particular is throwing up some alarming results considering these products are so child appealing” Loom bands – an astoundingly popular [...]