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Science Policy

CHEM Trust have discovered that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have admitted that the abstract of January’s risk assessment of the commonly used hormone disrupting chemical bisphenol A incorrectly stated that there was ‘no health concern’. CHEM Trust wrote to the EU Health Commissioner on 25th February complaining about EFSA’s misrepresentation of the risk assessment and [...]

At the start of December I gave a short presentation at the health session of the EEB’s 40th Anniversary conference. It was based around three themes: the need to ensure pollution is part of discussions on the environment (rather than just climate, resource efficiency and biodiversity) the need to focus on increasing wellbeing in the jobs, growth & [...]

On Thursday 20th November CHEM Trust, along with other civil society organisations, delivered a letter for President Juncker to the European Commission’s headquarters building in Brussels. The letter asks the new President of the European Commission to take action to minimise our exposure to hormone (or endocrine) disrupting compounds. The letter criticises the Commission’s current consultation on [...]

A new report  “Chemical conflicts”, from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) – who specialise in exposing corporate lobbying – finds that two-thirds of scientists advising the EU on controversial substances have industry links. CEO looked at four recent case studies of chemicals that had been examined by the European Commission’s Scientific Committees: parabens, nano titanium dioxide, nano-silver and [...]

Chemical Watch is reporting that the European Commission is re-organising responsibility for  the setting of criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), moving it from the Environment Directorate General (DG) to DG Health and Consumer Affairs (or ‘Sanco’), though DG Environment will remain in charge of overall EDC policy. In addition, responsibility for biocides and pesticides policies is [...]

CHEM Trust, with over 20 other European civil society organisations, have today sent a letter to the President-Elect of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. In the letter we propose that the next Commission adopts a revised model of scientific advice, rather than the current single ‘Chief Scientific Officer’ approach. The link between science and policy – and [...]