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What is happening at European Union (EU) level on EDCs?

In June 2014 the European Commission published a roadmap on defining criteria for EDCs in the context of the implementation of the Plant Protection Product Regulation (the Pesticides Regulation) and the Biocidal Products Regulation.

This lays out several options for identifying and regulating EDCs. A public consultation on the presented options is open until January 16th 2015. The results will be used to inform the Commission’s planned impact assessment in 2015. CHEM Trust and other NGOs have written a joint letter to EU Commission President Juncker to ask him ensure the outcome will protect the public.

Any agreed EDC criteria are also expected to be applied to the identification of EDCs in other relevant legislation. Thus, the pending decisions will be decisive for Europe’s chemical management and the protection of human health and ecosystems. It is also expected to influence the discussions at the global level and feed into the ongoing activities under the Strategic Approach for Internationals Chemicals Management (SAICM), where EDCs have been agreed to be a global emerging issue.

This page is part of CHEM Trust’s Hormone Disrupting Chemicals FAQ – Full list of questions here.

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