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What should future risk management for EDCs in the EU look like?

The EU’s 7th Environmental Action Programme (7th EAP) foresees a minimisation of exposures to EDCs by 2015. A lot needs to happen for this to be a reality, for example:

  • Firstly, EDC identification needs to be improved with new screens and tests and updating of the toxicity test requirements in the respective EU legislation. Current testing regimes need to be updated with additional EDC relevant endpoints, and test requirements need to be updated and expanded.
  • Secondly, EDC criteria need to be finalised, and action taken to start phasing out EDCs using existing EU laws.
  • Thirdly current gaps in other legislation need to be addressed to ensure that risks are minimized e.g. to ensure that food packaging is safe.

This page is part of CHEM Trust’s Hormone Disrupting Chemicals FAQ – Full list of questions here.

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